Orthopedic Medical Record

Ortho CloudMED module and software has been developed to give your doctor or the specialist an overview of all patient data with less clicks possible.

Ortho module can be integrated into the program clinic or used as a standalone software, connecting it to the module dates and bills.

It is a complete tool for the management and administration of the medical environment; the study, to the clinic, to the hospital; It organizes and manages to individual patient records and patient cards.

Key features:

  • Integrated management of outcomes, involving the management of forms related to follow-up protocols that can be followed within the health care facility or by the doctor himself.
  • Managing General visit and of that specific (lumbar, shoulder, knee, toe, etc.). The system also allows you to manage for each field of the visit a descriptive text that will be presented in the report, so as to make it more readable by the patient and not having to force the doctor to fill in a descriptive report.
  • Scientific or statistical studies Association: a given visit may be included in a set of more cases that can be useful for the purpose of a scientific study or a statistic (e.g. concerning a cure or the use of a prosthesis)
  • Operator protocols: collect data and the full description