Physical therapy software module

Physiotherapy is a software CloudMED form, and is designed to give your doctor or your therapist a global view of all patient data with less clicks possible.

The Physiotherapy module can be integrated into the program clinic or used as a standalone software, connecting it to the module dates and bills.

It is a complete tool for the management and administration of the medical environment; the study, to the clinic, to the hospital; It organizes and manages to individual patient records and patient cards.

Key features:

  • Tab to the therapeutic approach “fascial manipulation”
  • Planning and management of individual Rehabilitation Programme (PRI) in all its phases
  • Full history of management history
  • Management of individual courses of treatment (episodes): allow the doctor to have a more structured management of the treatments related to a single pathology, so that you have a historian more accurate and easy to read. Each episode can be printed to deliver a summary of treatments per patient.
  • Ability to mark events of history as important and to keep constantly in evidence (in particular are highlighted in red and places important reports pane, clearly visible from the doctor or therapist)
  • Provides the ability to send to patients is the reminder of the visit that the invoice via email with an automated system, or enter run by the Secretariat.
  • For each episode of medical history and treatment you can see the real-time collection covering all treatments performed
  • Management and statistics on outstanding bills
  • Management of payments and payments from a patient, with the calculation of actual daily takings and benefits paid