Cloudmed is the only web-based medical record native full CLOUD real advanced technology, with features that were unthinkable until now.

Hospitals and related network hospitals

Common platform developed to be similar for all pathologies, registries and PRO enabled for analitycs

Private cloud - Hybrid Cloud

The patient is tracked real-time intra corporate level outside of the structure and in the Follow Up (ePROms)

Cliniche e Strutture Poliambulatoriali

Dal piccolo server locale al dato accessibile on-line

Private / Hybrid / Full Cloud

times are changing: now available for health care affordable, customizable platform, accessible from anywhere, intuitive, no maintenance. F

Medici singoli o in rete

Costi bassissimi condividendo risorse Server

Personalizza a basso costo il tuo flusso di visita e fatturazione

reedom to choose, import, export your clinical or administrative data at will. T

The new beginning of advanced medical record platform, remotely accessible, doctor usability oriented but patient remains the core stakeholder. Some modules, and innovative ones, remain top secret until used!

  • Patients, doctors and staff in the network, private, hybrid, pubblic cloud options
  • Decide what modules to enable, administrative, clinical, special functions, for which user, venue or recipient of the informations
  • ormazioniMappa the episode in the patient’s clinical path and assigns it to the owner to transport it across m
  • ultiple facilities. Multi Clinic in one room: no deployed database to synchron
  • ize. Clinical outcomes such as
  • obiettivoNOSQL, prestazioniFlessibilità and
grows without compromising the adaptability of processes an 100%
d CLOUD normativeSpecifiche EnterpriseDispositiv 100%
i class platform supported by Responsive without installing 100%
APP BYODScalabilità-Performance kept growing of datiI 100%
nteroperabilità-data exchange with other systems 100%

use cases and news

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